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Collages LLC Introduces

Collages Book Trailers TM   Program

Anywhere writers get together and converse there are always those who have started but not yet completed their literary works. Included in these groups are those who have not begun to write down their ideas but continue to keep those potential books and novels bottled up inside. Collages LLC is committed to encouraging all writers to become published authors and to expose their great work to the rest of the world!  Let us help you make that dream come true.

Collages Book Trailers TM


Our company has developed a proprietary process (U. S. Patent Pending) that allows us to assist with authors’ with publishing aspirations. Let us introduce you to the Collages Book TrailersTM  Program.  There is literally no reason not to publish your beautiful work of literary art – RIGHT NOW!  What are Collages Book TrailersTM anyway?  They are similar to movie trailers in that they provide a tantalizing glimpse into the, soon to be released, literary publications.

As a writer or author you will have the chance to publish a portion of your completed manuscript. This means the first few chapters or another intriguing section that meets the program’s guidelines. While you continue to write, you’ll have the opportunity to earn real money from the published work thanks to our Collages Book TrailersTM  Program.

Here’s How the Collages Book Trailers TM Program works:

These projects provide accepted authors with a book that displays their title, name, description, International Standard Book Number (ISBN). Collages LLC does all of the work necessary to publish your work. Each author/writer project goes through three phases.  


Phase-One:  The participant submits their manuscript, a $50.00 administrative fee (refundable if the project is completely rejected, or transferable towards other writing assistance services). Approved authors will be provided additional details and instructions to successfully complete the program;.


Phase-Two:  The author/writer finalizes any minor changes, ensures all program requirements are met (e.g. font, formatting, minimum page count guidance, etc.), and submits the final installment cost of $150.00.  That’s right, for only $200.00 you become a published author with the potential of selling your book.


Phase-Three:  An author elects to continue working with our program (additional fees may apply) for writing support, guidance, and follow-up coaching as they work towards completing and publishing their entire book or novel. 



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